Day at the Museum


Hello everyone!

I am back and with a new series to my blog! I recently moved to Chicago and I have had a great time exploring and seeing all of Chicago’s finest spots so I decided to share with my experiences with my blog.  An outfit will also be included these post, because I can’t forget about the fashion!

Today, I am sharing my experience at the Art Institute of Chicago and my first outfit of spring! Spring is here and my body is ready. Seriously tho, my body cannot take another day of 35 degree weather.

Every Thursday the Art Institute offers free general admission to Illinois residents and students, so I love to come here to stroll around and look at all the beautiful art. I love having the option to come every week for free because then I do not feel rushed and obligated to see every single piece of art, but if you are visiting I recommend to spend time here.

Today I wore my first outfit of spring! This blush pink maxi skirt is one of my favorite clothing items because its so versatile. It could be worn to a walk on a beach town, or exploring the city, its great for brunch with your best friends or lunch with your boyfriend. I did have to wear a cardigan with it, because they do not use the word “wind” in Chicago loosely.

My outfit:
White Crop Top
Maxi skirt

I am spending the summer in Chicago and traveling to Europe so I am so excited for all the ideas I have!
What do you like to do in your city? I would love to hear!


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