Hello my cafecitos,

I am here with very EXCITING news.

*drum roll*

I started a business! I would love to formally announce the launch of my new business Soul & Flow Wellness. My friend and now business partner Sarah Kolczak bring you our new endeavor with a lot of heart. We have invested in ourself to invest to everyone that becomes a part of the Soul & Flow Fam.

What is Soul & Flow Wellness you ask?

It is a community of like minded individuals who love yoga, self-development, and travel. Our main focus is to bring experiences that help others become their highest self through mind, body, spirit and flow.

My Cafecito in Chicago readers are my favorite people ever, so ofcourse I needed to give you all an exlusive invite to our first event.

You can sign up through on Eventbrite – here! I hope you come share your soul, flow, and join me for my new adventure! THE EVENT IS FREE.

I am excited for this journey and I truly feel aligned with my life’s purpose! I hope that you join Sarah & I on February 21st!

Follow us on at Instagram @soulandflowwellness for updates and more information!

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