The Ultimate Gift Guide


This will be my 3rd installment of my Holiday Gift Guide. This one will include all of my favorite things I’ve been loving. All of these things will be perfect for the wellness, spiritual, fitness guru in your life. I wanted to make this guide as authentic to my life as possible – so here it is! Let me know if you get your loved ones anything special from this list! 

  1. SmartSweets

SmartSweets make the perfect stocking stuffers. I love SmartSweets because it’s all your favorite childhood candy with less sugar. My favorites are the Red Twist, the Peach Rings + Sour Blast Buddies. Each of the candies have less than 5g of sugar per bag, are vegan, gluten free, and free of sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners + added sugars. 

You can use my code ANAISDOMINGUEZ10  for 10% off orders over $30! 

  1. Aerie

If you don’t know, I am an #AerieReal Ambassador! The brand is so important to me not just because I get to rep it on Instagram but I stand by their mission of no retouching. They are constantly adding new things on their website + here are a few of my favorites! Accessories, coats, leggings – they have it all for someone who wants to be comfy. They even have a gift guide where you can answer questions about the person who you are shopping for + they match you with the best gifts! 

A few of my favorite gifts:

Aerie Sherpa Pajama Jumpsuit

Aerie New Love Corded Set

Offline Sherpa Quarter Zip for you + your dog ; )

Offline Sherpa Lined Puffer Jacket

  1. Organifi

If you’ve seen my Instagram lately, you would know that I’ve been making delicious festive drinks. Recently I made a healthy peppermint hot cocoa using Organifi’s Chocolate Gold.

Okay, I can hear you a little bit – Anais, what is Organifi?! Glad you asked. Organifi is a superfood company who makes powders out of different superfoods such as mushrooms, turmeric, cordyceps, + more! A few of my favorites are the Gold line [specifically Chocolate Gold] to help with rest + relaxation, Red Juice for mid-day energy, ++ Green Juice for a morning immune boost! 

They have so many different products to amplify your overall health! This is a great gift for the wellness guru in your life who loves to try new supplements! 

ALSO – I’m all about saving during the holidays so you can use my code ANAIS for 15% off your order on Organifi’s website! 

  1. Allbirds 

When I say that I’m obsessed with AllBirds – it is not an understatement. I just got my first pair and everyone needs a pair, especially if you live in the cold. The shoes are made from sustainable wool and other materials. They are warm, cozy, and will be perfect for running errands around the city on a cold winter day. I’ve been running around chilly South Florida [yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds] in my Women’s Wool Runners in White! You can shop Allbirds through my affiliate link found here!

  1. Massage Gun

2020 was significantly made better by a massage gun. I truly think everyone needs one no matter their activity level. You can find so many massage gun’s varying in prices. If you are going to go all out I recommend the Theragun PRO, it is the one I personally have and LOVE. It has 3 different speeds and comes with different attachments. 

  1. Everlasting Comfort 

Everlasting Comfort has all the gifts to make the next year cozier than ever. I was given a plush blanket earlier this year and it is the best thing I own. We keep it on the couch and anytime anyone comes over I make them touch it because it is that soft. Honestly a blanket is an overlooked gift. My grandma gave me one a few years ago + I think it is my most used Christmas present. I recently gifted my mom + her boyfriend the humidifier + they have been loving it too!

Check out some posts I’ve done below + use the code ANAISDOMINGUEZ for 20% off – what a steal!

  1. Bali Pura

Last but not least, for the spiritual guru in your life, Bali Pura sprays are a must have in my meditation space. Bali Pura makes crystal infused aura sprays made in Bali. I love using the Grounding spray in my morning ritual that is infused with clear quartz, smoking quartz, hematite + black tourmaline. I use it to start off the day strong + grounded ++ when I feel a little anxious through the day. It helps me sit and get a few breaths. I always love Pure Love for a kick of unconditional self love. I also keep Space Clearing around my desk for the finishing touches after cleaning my space. Bali Pura also makes hand made Crystal Aura Wristlist and roll-ons. 

There you have it – the ultimate gift guide for people in all aspects of your life. Let me know what you get the loved ones in your life – I would love to know!

Don’t forget to check out my gift guide for skin care lovers + supporting Latinx businesses.

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