For Those Having a Hard Time

Hi friends, 

We haven’t spoken in a while and I am at fault. You know what they say when you don’t water a plant…it dies… and I’m really trying to keep this plant alive.

 It’s been a really busy summer, a lot of ups and downs, but today the universe gave me the green light to write again. My domain was up to be renewed, and when I went to change the renewal to my domain was free. I hear you, universe, I gotta keep at it. I need to keep writing. 

So here I am. I didn’t know what my comeback post would be. Would I write another wellness post or a 10 things you didn’t know about me? I was looking through Pinterest and I kept searching for “blog post” ideas,  but over time I became frustrated. It all seemed superficial. Later in the evening I had a breakdown [not about blogging, but about current events in life]. As I talked to my dad and cried my eyes out about how unstable everything feels, I thought about my blog and the place I want it to be. I wanted to build more stability in the places I could control. Yes, I like to write about self-care and my trips, but this is a platform that I share my heart. I talk a lot about being vulnerable and open on Instagram, and I want to bring that here. So cheers to that.

Then an idea struck me – a letter for those going through a hard time, because I am too going through a hard time.

So here it is…this is a letter for all of us. This is for those bad days, moments of time that feel as if they will never end, or when it feels like a skyscraper of overwhelming thoughts has collapsed on you. 

If you are reading this you may feel helpless and like things are never going to turn around. You may feel like you hit rock bottom, or your anxiety is telling you so. And I am here to tell you are not alone. I wish it was easy to just tell you everything is going to be okay, and mean it, but in reality when did that do anyone good? Things will work out, with time, with ease, and deep breath at a time. It all may not be okay tomorrow, but it will gradually get better.

So take a second, and take a deep breath. 

What’s beautiful about the human experience is that you are not experiencing pain/sadness/confusion/frustration alone. It is all a part of the process, and it’s what leads us to the best things in life. It may seem impossible now, but there will be a time where you look back and see how it was only a blimp in time. 

When I used to cry my Abuela would sing ay ay ay ay cante y no llores (sing and don’t cry). Today I invite you to sing. Sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs. 

Grow through the pain and the discomfort. One day you will look back and be so proud of yourself.

Here for you with mucho armor, 


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