Meditation Tips for Beginners

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Whether you  want a new habit in the new year or have an interest in meditation – this blog post will be helpful for you. I’ve been building a meditation routine on and off for about four years now, and have really stuck to one since August. Meditation has been life changing for me. Before adding meditation to my life I was anxious all the time and had a pessimistic view of life. Now I can manage my anxiety and have rewired my brain to have a more optimistic view on life. 

These tips are great for any one who would love to get into mediation:

  1. Throw your ideas about mediation out the door:

There is this stigma that meditation is only sitting crossed legged for hours on end closing your eyes and chanting OM. This is one way to meditate, but this isn’t the only way. There are so many types of meditations you can do. Breath work, visualization, guided meditation, walking, even dancing is meditative. Find something that works for you! Meditation isn’t one size fit all. There is no secret formula, it can be 3 minutes and it can be 30 minutes. Start with what is comfortable for you and have fun with it!

  1. Find a Space

I have a certain edge of my bed by the window that I sit in when I need to meditate. My window sill holds all my crystals, card decks, and everything I need to have practice mediation. Make a space of your own, whether that be on your bed, or with a meditation pillow on the floor. Creating a space where you can go to have your meditation time starts to calm the body and mind, because it knows that this is a peaceful place. For those who live in warmer weather all year round – I recommended meditating outside as it is grounding to connect with the earth. 

Here is a picture of my mediation space!
  1. Find an App You Love

There are so many apps, videos, and books out there, but my personal favorite is the Insight Timer App and it has made meditation so easy for me. I love that you can choose between a timer where you can have different sounds and music playing, or over 1 million guided meditations. Anything from visualizations, to gratitude practices, sleep meditations, and even spiritual talks. The app is free and has so many resources! If you download the app + use it — post a screenshot on your Instagram story and tag me! [@anaisdominguez].

Meditation changed my life, and I think it can change yours too – if you do it for you and how it makes sense to you. Just like anything else in wellness – mediation is not a one size fits all. 

I would love to discuss in the comments – what are you excited to incorporate in your meditation routine? 

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