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Welcome to Cafécito in Chicago; a blog all about health, fitness, fashion, and of course cafécito. I started my first blog about two years ago, The Fashionista Says, as a platform to share my love for fashion and beauty. In the past year, I have discovered so many new interest and passions that I didn’t want to restrict myself to just talking about one thing.

Cafécito in Chicago came from putting together two of my favorite places-Miami and Chicago. Growing up in Miami, I was immersed in the beautiful and diverse Cuban culture. Palm trees, delicious food, and of course lots of cafécito not only influenced my childhood, but also the person I am today. I moved to Chicago in January 2016 to continue on my college career path, and as the days not only drew shorter but became colder I started feeling homesick. Miami and its culture are like no other and I want to bring that to my platform. Miami still influences my style, the foods I eat, and how I am growing as a person. I may be small [5’1] but I am bold, I am strong, I have powerful energy constantly running through me–I am a cafécito.

  I am so excited for what this blog has in store for me. I am excited to share my tips, my stories, and my passions with all of you. Make sure to stay connected through Instagram + Facebook to see what I am up to around the city of Chicago.

Sending positive vibes y cariño your way,


Wanting to collab or work together? Email me! hello@cafecitoinchicago.com

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