Why I Stopped Saying “I’m Busy” in 2018

Today I wanted to talk about an intention I’ve been implementing in my life in 2018.

New Blog, Who Dis?

Hello friends! Call TMZ the rumors are true, THE FASHIONISTA IS DEAD. That bishhh had to go…just kidding!! Her love for blogging and writing are still here, but she needed a makeover. Welcome to “Cafecito in Chicago”, my new blog that’s about anything and everything. Lifestyle, fashion, wellness, fitness, college, welcome to all sides ofContinue reading “New Blog, Who Dis?”

I’m Not to I Am

It was an early morning when I was scrolling through the CHAARG blog and stumbled upon a post written about Elisabeth Tavierne running the Chicago Marathon. In that moment, I decided I WANT TO RUN A MARATHON. Running definitely wasn’t my favorite workout but something in me wanted to run a race. Mind you, IContinue reading “I’m Not to I Am”

21 and Grateful.

Today I am officially 21 years old. To say the least, 20 was rough. It brought anxiety, heartbreak, doubt, but it also brought self-love, friendships, adventure, and opportunity. To kick-off my 21st year on this planet, I wanted to reflect on the 21 things I am most grateful for. The light that shines through my apartment everyContinue reading “21 and Grateful.”

The Return of the Fashionista

*Cue the Eminem* “Guess who’s back, back again…” After a very long rut, I’m back with a new approach and direction. Having time to settle in Chicago and explore the past few months has inspired and motivated me to come back and blog again. This blog will still be about my beauty favorites and fashion, but IContinue reading “The Return of the Fashionista”

20 Things I learned by 20

Today I officially turn 20 years old, and in celebration I wanted to write the 20 things I have learned in the past 20 years. This is something different but I hope you can relate in anyway. 1. Be kind to everyone you meet, you never know what someone is going through. 2. Just becauseContinue reading “20 Things I learned by 20”