Recovery Routine for Athletes


I know what you are thinking “Anais – is this the 2nd blog post you write in the same week??” YES! I am trying to be a lot better at upping my content for my blog + my Instagram! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my post where I was dealing with a pain in my leg that kept me from running. After a few weeks of involuntary, but necessary, rest I’ve been able to slowly get back into the swing of it. Usually, this is where we discuss ways to get back into running after a break, but instead I wanna talk about a part of working out that’s usually overlooked. Recovery. Keeping with the idea that everything happens for a reason, I used this downtime to really consider what my body needed to heal and maintain itself properly.  After some trial and error, I’ve developed a whole recovery routine that I am so excited to share with you today. Since I’ve worked this recovery into my routine, I feel so much more intune with my body. 

I wanted to give a shout out to ZoneIn CBD for helping me come up with the idea for this blog post. I’ve been using their CBD roll-on and it has been a game changer. Thank you ZoneIn for making this post happen! 

  1. Aligned Modern Health

On a weekly basis, I have been visiting Aligned Modern Health in Chicago and have been getting adjusted by a chiropractor, doing physical therapy sessions, and seeing an acupunitist. Not only has it helped alleviate pain stemming from past injuries, but also sped up my bodies recovery time after a workout. Though alleviating existing pain is pretty great, I really appreciated the focus on preventing future injury by giving me lots of tips on how to be a better performing runner. I love getting my body cupped every week (if you google what cupping is I promise the photos are worse than what you actually feel) – it really relieves the tension of my back and shoulders. I wrote a whole update about it on my Instagram. I can’t recommend enough seeing a professional to help with additional body work.  



  1. Hydration + Electrolytes 

After a run or a workout, rehydrating is the first thing I do. I keep hydrated all day with water, but afterwards I like to get some extra electrolytes in. My two favorite products to use are Nuun + Vital Performance Recover. I gravitate towards the Nuun sport because it is made for exercise and it is packed with potassium, sodium, and magnesium ++ makes hydration on the go very easy. They even have options with caffeine for a pre workout option. 

   I also love using Vital Performance Recover, especially after a long run. I wrote an Instagram Post all about it, but basically after my run I scoop one cup of powder in 8 oz of water which contains up to 20 g of Collagen, 8g of EAA, and  5 g of BCAAs as well as  electrolytes for hydration and muscle recovery. Vital Performance also makes pre-packaged recovery drinks which makes having one right after a workout class so easy!




Vital Performance



  1. Stretching 

Once I hydrate myself it is time to stretch. I can’t stress enough how important it is for your body to stretch. I like to take the time while I stretch to say thanks to my incredible body. I show love and appreciation for my body for all the demands I ask from it, and for how it responds to my workout, and being able to move and run. My stretch routine focuses a lot on my lower body, specifically targeting my hips and glutes. I stretch for about 10 minutes and do modified pigeon pose, figure 4’s, runners lunge, butterfly pose, and a lunging hip flexor stretch.

**These were all stretches that were given for me to do by the PT at Aligned.**

  1. Massage Gun

When I say I was blessed by having a massage gun, I mean I was truly blessed. I won a Theragun in a giveaway and it is amazing. Theragun specifically is expensive, so I linked a few below on Amazon that are under $200. This really helps target those sore and tight areas. I massage myself with the gun for about 5-10 minutes after I stretch so I can feel where my body needs more attention. I love it for getting those hard to reach spots like my shoulder blade, and for getting a deep muscle release. It’s one of those feelings that hurts so good. 


Massage Guns under $200 

  1. CBD Roll-On

I would like to first thank ZoneIn CBD for helping make this post happen. I was gifted 2 of their Roll Deep Roll-On CBD and it is my secret weapon! Not a day goes by where I don’t use CBD, even on the days I don’t work out. Roll Deep has 250 MG Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD. I apply it after I shower and throughout the day when I’m feeling any aches or soreness. It’s so fast acting that in less than 15 minutes after application the part of my body I’ve added it to feels so much better. It works so well, that I can even curtail headaches and period cramps before they get too uncomfortable. I have been blown away by this product and their overall great customer service. I’ve loved working with ZoneIn  + am so grateful they decided to work with me!



  1. Nutrition + Sleep 

This one is a no brainer, but probably the most important part of recovery is giving your body proper nutrition and sleep.  I am not a nutritionist so I do not want to give any advice, instead I recommended following Lydia Nadar []. She is a Registered Dietitian and focuses on Sports Nutrition Coaching. She is also a runner so she is incredibly knowledgeable about the do’s and don’ts of running and fueling your body properly before, during, and after runs. 

And of course sleep – I feel sleep is so underrated but the most important thing you can do for your body. I am lucky that with my work schedule I can sleep in when my body needs it, but every night I am aiming for 7-8 hours to sleep. On nights that I’ve worked out I try not to drink any alcohol because I have noticed that it disrupts my sleep and makes me feel even more sore in the morning. 

As much as I love working out and pushing my body to new limits – that is only half the battle. Taking care of my body + recovering my body is equally as important. Recovery has also helped me become a stronger, more efficient athlete.  

What are some of your favorite ways of recovering? 

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