My Current Favorites

Hey-lo *in your best Tia Concha voice” 

When I was younger, I used to watch A LOT of beauty vloggers on YouTube. I would spend so much time watching KathleenLights (still one of my favorites, una Cubana QUEEN), BeyondBeautyStar, and Zoella, just to name a few. My favorite videos to watch were Monthly Reviews. Nobody saw me the first 4 days of the months because I had so many favorite videos to watch! 

I wanted to throw it back and go old school with what I’m currently obsessing over right now. There is a little bit of everything for everyone — beauty, food, Chicago finds and more! 

  1. Hair Accessories 

I am on the hair scrunchie train and I am not coming off. I’ve loved mixing up look with a scrunchie or a headband. I’ve bought so many scrunchies in the last few weeks that I’ve had to cut myself off. A few of my favorites are from Lululemon, because they are great to work out in, and I love grabbing a pack from Francescas. I’ve also been loving these turban headbands, they chic up any outfit — I grabbed six headbands from Amazon for under $15. 

2. Fun Sunnies

Nothing makes me feel more myself when I am out at bar, the DJ is playing J. Balvin and I throw on a pair of a fun pair of sunglasses. I’ve been loving these clear pink heart-shapped glasses that are always in my bag before a night out on the town.

3. Room Decor/ Organization

I have been on a home decor/ organization kick since moving into my new apartment. Once my room is all set, I will be doing a room organization and decor post, but in the meantime I’ve been on buying new things for my room weekly. Before, I didn’t really care how my room felt, I improved with what I used and honestly I was working myself thin, that I didn’t want to be home. My type A workholic-self thought that the longer I was away from home, the more productive I was being, or the more social. Even though, I am still type A and a workholic, I am trying to enjoy the space I have and be at home, and comfy as possible. Also, having a place for every single thing has been amazing, is this what adulting is like? I can’t wait to share the final product. 

4. Vogue Editior — Jenna Rettert

I am always looking for new instagram influencers to follow. My friend introduced me to Jenna Rettert  and I am obsessed with her! She is a Beauty Editor at Vogue and has the best sense of fashion and beauty that I’ve seen in a long time. Her Instagram stories make me want to change my blog to Cafecito in New York City. She also has a really cute pup!

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Spooky seasonnnn 🦴💚🕸

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5. Disposable Camera

I know I’m a little late on the trend, but I love documenting life through photos– it’s why I love Instagram so much. In high school, I always had a disposable camera with me, I’m not really sure why I stopped using them. They make memories feel so nostalgic. I started to pick up the trend again, and put all my photos in a photo albums. I am so excited to one day show my kids and grandkids the loving and fun life I’ve been living.

6. Cafe La Llave Nespresso Pods

 think I just bought cafecito in the next ultimate level. First, shoutout to my roommate for having a nespresso maker, this couldn’t be better for me. The nespresso makes making cafecito in the morning so much easier. Next, a big shoutout to Cafe La Llave and Don Francisco Coffee for sending me so boxes of the nespresso cups, I’m all stocked up  for the next 3 months, honestly probably sooner than that as I drink 3 a day. I just pop a pod in and bam in less than a minute I have hot, fresh, cafecito con la espumita y todo, just like Abuela would make it.

Photo by: Allie Klawitter

7. Antique Taco

Now something for all my Chicago lovers. My new favorite taco place in the city — Antique Taco located in Wicker Park. This place has been on the list for a while, and once I finally went it lived up to the hype. We got a full spread. Queso, elotes, tacos, and margaritas! You can’t go wrong. I tried the potato and poblano taco and the shrimp taco. The potato was by far my favorite taco I’ve ever had, the taco had POTATO CHIPS. If you are in the Wicker Park area, check it out! There is also happy hour from 4-6 which is an added bonus.

8. Pacifica’s Coconut Essence Hydro Mist

This has been my go-to beauty product lately. I picked this up at Target and use it almost everyday. It is so hydrating and wakes my skin up, like cafecito for my face! It’s perfect for before putting on my makeup, for hot and sweaty days, for a refresh after a workout class, and I’m so excited to use it for the colder months. The spritz is so refreshing and helps enhance that no-makeup look. 

These are some of my day to day things that I’ve been loving lately. What are some other thing, people, or places I need to try before my next obsession’s post? Let me know via Instagram!



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