Cafecito To Go: Denver, Colorado


Visiting Denver was on the top of my travel list for 2019. I was so excited when my friend Danielle was down to come with me to the Mile High City. Denver was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Literally, the altitude was so high that I couldn’t breathe. What a weekend of old friends, art, good food, and better drinks.

I wanted to start with the Airbnb we rented. Located in Lincoln Park, this house turned into townhouses was absolutely perfect. The living room, kitchen, and deck was shared with another tentat who lived down the hall. All the doors are locked with keypads, so your space is secured. Our room was massive and came with a little balcony.  If you would like more information about the room, DM me on Instagram!

Cherry Creek Trail:

We did A LOT of walking in Denver. On Monday, we walked over 5 miles around the city. My favorite place to walk through was the Cherry Creek Trail, located right in the middle of the city. The walls of the trail are filled with artwork and graffiti. A perfect place to go for a jog or for a bike ride! 

Amethyst Coffee 

This coffee shop was ~~all the vibes~~ Decorated with plants, and amethyst crystals (which is my birthstone so I love the energy it brings), this coffee shop is so aesthetically appealing. I got a latte and Danielle got a matcha latte–both very creamy and the espresso was strong! Come prepared with a metal straw, as they don’t provided plastic ones! Definitely recommended if you need a place to get work done or a coffee break with a friend!


River North, also known as RiNo, is the arts district of Denver. The streets are filled with murals, street arts, boutiques, and restaurants; very similar to Wynwood in Miami. They do First Friday art walks, where all the boutiques are open and I was so bummed I missed it by one day. RiNo has a yuppie crowd, so there was a lot of young energy in the crowd. It also isn’t very far from Coors Field, which is surrounded by all the bars. 

Denver Central Market

The Denver Central Market is a must stop during your time at Denver. Located in RiNo, the arts district of Denver, the market has anything you need. From drinks, to dinner, to ice cream, the Denver Market as a little bit of everything for everyone. We started their on Friday night for drinks at the bar Curio for affordable cocktails and a hip vibe. I loved the young essence that filled the Denver air. 

  A few days later, we stopped back in for ice cream at HighPoint Creamery. I went with the Mint Chocolate Bark in a waffle cone, so creamy and delicious. I do wish they had more alternative ice creams that weren’t sorbet, but the ice cream wasn’t heavy so I didn’t feel sick afterwards.

The Source Hotel + Market Hall

I am truly impressed by all the different markets Denver as to offer. We went to the Market Hall at the Source Hotel in search for some good drinks and food. We weren’t disappointed. There are two sides of the market. We walked around, explored the shops, took some pictures in the lobby, and checked out a few menus. We finally agreed on Woods which was located upstairs for dinner with a view. A mountain view, vegan mac and cheese, and locally brewed cider is what Denver dreams are made of. I definitely can’t wait to go back and check out more restaurants in the market. 

Habit Donut Dispensary

No trip is complete without sourcing out a good donut. I found Habit through Denver food instagrams, and I was drooling just by the sight of it. Habit is known for adding airplane size liquor into their donuts, and if it wasn’t 10 AM I would have been all about it. Instead I went with the Feed My Habit, raspberry and white chocolate donut that still comes to me in my dreams. Mark my words, I will be back for a boozy donut. 

 City O’City

What is a trip without seeing some CHAARG sistas? Recommended by my friend Elaine, we met up at City O’City for dinner. The menu is vegetarian focused, and so delicious. I went for the City O’Burger, and for a girl who eats meat, this “burger” didn’t disappoint. The real star of the show were their fries, crisped to perfection. I will never look at a fry the same way ever again. The menu has a wide variety of sandwiches, to all day breakfast, and heavier entrees–a lot of bit for everyone! 

C Squared Cider 

Denver is famous for its breweries, but if you are someone like me who doesn’t like beer, hanging out at breweries doesn’t seem to be a fun thing to do. I was grateful to find a cider brewery. I was recommended to this place by a few people, so I took it as a sign to check it out. This brewery was located in a huge warehouse, and the downstairs area is a huge gaming area with XL beer pongs, and connect four. The area was closed on the night we went, but something to look forward to when I return. We hung out at the upstairs bar and enjoyed flights of cider, so you can say I was in my happy place. Another spot with a great mountain view. 

First Draft

Our last drinking spot of Denver was First Draft. It’s one of those tap and drink places where you get a card and can try different drinks. I gravitated towards this place by their huge patio. When we were there they had trivia going on, so there seems to have events and activities going on. I tried different wines on draft. I love these kind of bars because it comes with no commitment, you can try as much as you need to, without worrying about not liking a drink. A patio weather favorite. 

Exploring more of Colorado is definitely on the top of my travel list! What did I miss in Denver? What city should I go to next?

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