My Travel Essentials

It currently is 60 degrees in Chicago, so basically summer is here. My favorite thing to do over the summer is travel—I am either looking forward to going back to Miami to spend time with my family, or eager to go someplace new. Traveling in comfort is a priority for me, and

in the last few year I’ve acquired a few travel essentials that I can’t leave without. These products help me get through long layovers, adjust to new locations, and make anywhere feel like home. In honor of leaving for my two week trip to Hawaii, I wanted to share my 5 top travel essentials.

  1. Sunscreen–face + body

  I’m usually trying to escape the Chicago cold when I am leaving on vacation, so sunscreen is very important. Whether I am going on a beach vacation or just back home to Miami, I make sure I always have an ample amount of sunscreen. My go-tos are the Alba Botanica SPF 50 for sensitive skin and the Bare Republic SPF 30 Face Mineral Sunscreen. I can go on and on about sunscreen and the benefits, and how bad UV rays are for you, but all I’m going to say is wear sunscreen kids!

2. Activate Charcoal

    Activated charcoal is a staple for me when I am traveling by airplane. Activated charcoal has so many great benefits but I use it to help absorb any toxins in the body and can help alleviate bloating. After sitting on a plane with recycled air and the germs of about 40 people in a close space, I often get off the plane feeling bloated. I take two activated charcoals after a flight to debloat and feel fresh after a flight. I keep a few on hand during vacation in case I eat something that doesn’t make my body feel great.

3. NUUN Hydration

Nuun is a new thing I’ve added to my packing list. I normally add them to my water after a long run, but bringing them on my trips has been a game changer. When I am on vacation, I am trying as many coffee shops as I can and drinking all the margaritas, which puts drinking water on the back burner. NUUN is an electrolyte supplement that helps me keep hydrated in even the hottest temperatures. I am excited to bring this on my next vacation to Hawaii to keep me hydrated for all the runs and outdoor activities I will be doing. My favorite flavor is strawberry lemonade, and the sport’s tri-berry.

4. Essential Oil Roll Ons

I cannot live without my essential oil diffuser. Every night I diffuse lavender oil which has helped me sleep so better. I recently received these essential oil roll ons and I am obsessed with them. I get pre-flight anxiety and having something I use in my everyday routine helps calm my nerves. Lately, I’ve been using the Let Go roll-on by Ellis before a flight and before going to bed in a new location. I also take a peppermint roll-on which helps with any digestive issues or headaches I may get while traveling. It is always in my reach and I will not travel without it.

5. Snacks

This may seem like the most obvious thing, but being prepared with snacks makes all the difference. Nothing is worse than being hangry with a splash of airport anxiety. I keep different snacks in my carry-on just in case of any layovers or if I get hungry on my trip. Airport food can be overly expensive and they usually don’t have the healthiest snacks. They also help when arriving to my destination, especially when I don’t know the next time I’ll eat. Again, this is not Hangry in Chicago, she is not cute. Some of my favorites are RX bars (I can’t wait to try these new flavors), Mama Guava bars, and Trader Joe’s Plantain chips.

I cannot image traveling without these items. It helps my travel anxiety immensely, and I will have all these things with me throughout this summer.

Am I missing anything? What are your travel essentials?

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