15 Things That Bring Me Joy

In January, I set the intention of doing more things that made me feel good throughout the day. I wanted to do even the smallest things that bring me joy and improve my mood. As the self care industry is bigger than ever it seems like it’s all about trendy infrared saunas and over priced facials, I have to be honest, it does get very overwhelming especially for someone who is into wellness trends. So this month, I went back to simplicity. What makes me feel good every single day? Some things I did everyday, others a few times a month, but it did show me that even the smallest things can make a difference. So here are the top 15 things that made me feel good this month.

  1. Wearing earrings—it takes even the simplest outfits and transforms them. I love going for a pair of hoop earrings with a cute sweater and jeans to go out; makes me feel empowered and put together.
  2. Diffusing essential oils as part of night time routine
  3. Having a go to fragrance – currently going back + forth between this and that

4. Having a go to fragrance – currently going back + forth between this and that

5. Wearing makeup; even if it’s a little mascara. Makeup and I have been through some phases in lifetime. Sometimes I want to hoard it all, and other times I want nothing to do with it. I’ve realized that as long as wearing makeup is done because I want to do it then, then it will make me feel good.

6. Matching PJs sets

7. Dancing in the middle of the dance floor with my best friend.

7. Being in my childhood home–something I took for granted in 2018, but realized it as important to visit home as it is to go and explore.

8. Carbs–no more carb shaming in 2019!

9. My #NoScariesSunday Rountine–-read more about it here ; )

10. A long phone call with my mom—thank you for always listening to me rant!  

11. Making my bed–I’m very proud that I’ve built this habit in 2018

12. Being warm in really cold weather—the 2019 Polar Vortex is not cute

13. Taking a SoulCycle class with friends [duh!]

14. Making homemade cafecito—I don’t know what took me so long but I finally got a mocha and espresso cups, I’m ready to shout at all my friends quien quiere cafe?

15. Dinner parties with my friends, what’s better than fresh seafood, wine, and friends?

Overall these things improve my mood, which has been hard to do with the weather in Chicago. It is always about coming back to the simple things? What makes you feel good? What should I try this next month?



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