Winter Skin Care Routine


If you read my last post, you may know I’m trying to build one healthy habit a month and exploring different techniques, products, and overall gaining more knowledge on doing so. This month I dedicated it to doing small things everyday that make me feel best self. I like to call it Feel Good January. One of the habits I’ve been working on is trying to cracking down on my skincare routine. Today, I wanted to share my skin care holy grails, and my tips and tricks.

But first, here’s a little background on my skin;

I would say I have normal to oily skin and can be a tad sensitive to harsh chemicals. When I was about 11 years old, puberty hit me like a ton of bricks. I was the only person in my 5th grade class to have acne. I would show you a picture, but it’s a tragic situation and nobody needs to see that.  That was when I started the intense skin-care routines, Proactive, dermatologist appointments, harsh face washes with 2% salicylic acid, the total works. I was so embarrassed of my skin. Looking back, it was definitely 100% hormone related. Fast forward I do think my skin looks great, I don’t get large breakouts, a few small pimple maybe when I’m about to get my period, but nothing major.


My skincare routine—

I wash my face about once a day, twice if I’m wearing makeup. I usually wash in the shower, so after a workout or when I take a shower at night. For me, I realized when I washed my face first thing in the morning and at night, it would remove all the natural oils in my face, and I was breaking out frequently. I always make sure my face is clean, without excessively washing it. I do also want to preface that I use more moisturizing products in the winter to keep my skin as fresh and glowy as possible. Winter is not cute and there isn’t a fountain of youth around.

When it comes to products I try to use as many clean and organic products as possible. All the products I use are cruelty free and can be found at Whole Foods. I use the Think Dirty app on my phone that helps me detect how clean my products are. This app is amazing if you are just getting into clean beauty. It will tell you what ingredients in the product are harmful to your skin. You can find me in the skin care aisle scanning all the face washes.

As for face wash, I’ve been loving the Avalon Organics Intense Defense. It is filled with Vitamin C that helps keep my skin moisturized and smelling like a cute orange. Then I’ll go in with my Pacifica Coconut Water Rehab Moisture Cream. This product is great for someone like me who is a total #girlboss, is up late at night getting work done, or deals with little stressors throughout the day. This moisturizers definitely helps my skin when it gets put on the back burner.  

Every Sunday as part of my #NoScariesSunday Routine, I do a facemask. For the past three years, I’ve been using the Aztec Healing Clay mask, mostly because one bottle has lasted me this long, but I love it. The mask comes in powder form, and I add equal parts water, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and rosemary oil.

Now let’s talk about my favorite skin care brand–cocokind. This is a clean and conscious skin care brand, and I truly think it is amazing if you are just diving into clean beauty. After I get out of the shower I use the raspberry vinegar toner which is great for acne prone skin, and does remove the few blemishes I do get. Then I will use the organic facial repair serum. This leaves my skin feeling so smoothe, I am obsessed. Two pumps goes along way. Lastly, I use the the MyMatcha stick for literally everything else. It is great for chapped lips, or even underneath my eyes to make sure I don’t look like a zombie. I also have the Macabeet stick which is my go-to tinted chapstick. They also have a turmeric stick for spot treatments, which I will gladly accept as a BDAY gift ; )

Cocokind can add up to be on the pricey side, but I definitely think skincare is an investment, and pro-tip they sell some products at TJMAXX for a discounted price.

Fancy skin care is great and all but what you put into your body truly does affect the outcome of your skin. Water is your bodies BFF + your skin will love you the more water you intake. Foods high in good fats like avocado, nuts, and fatty fishes are essential for healthy looking skin. And plenty of sleep will go along way.

Everyone’s skin is different and it does take some time and work to figure what is best for you and your skin! At the end of the day, do what makes you feel your best + make you glow from the inside out.


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