Empowered by Cafecito: KennoDecor


Hello my little espresso beans!

I am so excited to release my new series; Empowered by Cafecito! I love surrounding myself with people who take control of their life, work hard, and empower others along the way.  And of course; those who can do it all do it with a cup of cafecito in hand.  I truly believe we have the power to lift each other up + that we shouldn’t take that for granted. I wanted to give back to the fellow bosses that I’ve look up to + have gotten to love in my community!

This week I am featuring Shannon Kennedy; the owner behind the Etsy craft business KennoDecor. She makes customized hand-made wood pine + twine signs. It’s the perfect home decor! Talk about a straight up #girlboss!


Read more about Shannon’s story + business:

  1. Can you tell us more about your business? When and how did you get started?

KennoDecor was founded July 2017 when I opened a shop on Etsy.  Witnessing my mom start her business when I was fifteen gave me the courage to begin my own. KennoDecor grew out of my passion for creating. I have always used arts & crafts as a stress reliever so creating a business incorporating the combination of calligraphy & wood seemed like the perfect way to share my love of creating with others.

  1. What fuels your inspiration? Where do you get inspiration from for your pieces?

Every piece I create is something I would hang or feature in my own home. I’m into personalized decor so my pieces reflect that. Typically, when I go to the craft or hardware store and see slabs of wood, an idea for a piece immediately pops into my head. I’d like to say that I have a creative eye so that makes things easy for the most part. When I’m in a rut, I browse through home decor magazines and websites for inspo!


  1. What//who empowers you?

Knowing that the pieces I create are cherished by my customers truly empowers me. Receiving kind words and thank you notes from customers gives me the courage to continue forging my path as a small business owner. Outside of Kennodecor, exercising and finding a way to move everyday rejuvenates my body and empowers me to take life by the horns.

  1. What is one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business?

Find your passion. For years and years I was unable to identify my own, but I am happy to say that I have finally found mine in creating. Once one finds something they are truly invested in, mold that into a business model.

Interview friends & family with their own businesses. This is something I did and continue to do. It’s a great way to learn tips and tricks to maintaining one’s business and can be inspirational, as well.

Be fearless. There are times that you will second guess yourself in starting your own business. These moments of self-doubt are when you need to push even harder.


  1. Where do you hope KennoDecor goes? What is one big dream do you have for your business? 

My hope is that in the next year or two, I’ll be running my business fully part-time. Of course, I want to continue expanding my business and the products I create. The next step for KennoDecor is emerging into the wedding and events arena. My ultimate goal is to make a living with KennoDecor by opening my own home decor store.

6.Where is your favorite place in Chicago to get cafecito? 

It’s so hard to choose! When I’m wanting to splurge, the Cortadito from 90 Miles in Lincoln Square is one of my top picks. However, on a normal weekday you’ll see me strolling around with a Dunkin’ iced coffee in hand.

[90 Miles has such great Cafecito!]

Follow out more about Shannon:
Etsy Shop

I can’t wait to tell the stories of all the people who will be featured during this series!



More about Cafecito in Chicago:

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