Dear College Friends…


Get ready for this to get REALLY sappy + please consume a margarita and wear tiny glasses while you read this because it’s only fitting

I decide to write this blog post because what better way of saying I love you + thank you for being a great friend then writing a letter for the internet to see—if i didn’t post it online were we even really friends?



All jokes aside I’m currently in an uber on my way to watch many of you graduate AND LEAVE ME FOR THE REAL WORLD (I’m v emotional right now) but I’m thinking of all the moments we’ve had the past few years. All the overpriced nights out, all the laughs, all the long nights in the library, all the SoulCycle rides + sweat seshes,the hearts to hearts, and all the times I’ve I sat back and been so grateful for all the people in my life.



My mom also preached the importance of friends. She would always say “Be good to your friends, because you one day wake up + not have any” [She’s a true philosopher], but growing up I always thought, well duh, but that statement really settled and made sense when I started college. Our friendships are so special because we show up for each other. No matter how busy we’ve been I can always count on you. + that is something I haven’t been able to say about a lot of people before.


Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for changing my life and growing with me. Thank you for being my friends even when I wear tiny glasses in a bar after one too many vodka spirits.. Thank you for opening my mind to new perspectives, thank you for being genuine and kind[except for you Colin], being assholes sometimes[especially you Colin], being my people. [yeah Meredith grey I don’t just have a person, I have people].

This is Colin


Throughout life I was never one to be attached to places. In high school I was ready to leave, I didn’t really care who I left behind, and when I transferred to DePaul I didn’t  think about the people I would meet and the friendships I’d make. Graduating from DePaul is different because now I have something that I don’t want to leave behind. I know this isn’t all goodbyes + I’ll see many of you all the time, but  graduating college is a little extra special because I get to see you all flourish out in the world.

colin and ben

I am incredibly proud of where you are about to go in life. I am so grateful that I got to see you grow into the people you are today and witness your highs and lows. I’m grateful to have future PRs people [idk what you call that sorry I’m in the sciences], doctors, politicians, lawyers, physical therapist, whatever Liz + Colin do, in my social group + all the free stuff will be greatly appreciate it.

I am huge believer that we were all meant to cross each other’s paths and I couldn’t think of better people to cross with.  Whether I had gone to DePaul from day one or not, you all make the experience feel so full. Being a few thousands miles of home can be tough in college but you all made Chicago feel like home. Thank you for being my forever family.

Much love from the bottom of my heart

Your forever friend,



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