Cafecito To Go: Nicaragua

Hey there!

These past few weeks have been crazy busy! I finished another hectic quarter of school, celebrated Thanksgiving with my roommate and her family, and then hopped on a plane and traveled to Nicaragua for two weeks!


I went to Nicaragua with Global Brigades on a Public Health and Medical brigade. Global Brigades is student lead organization that works with communities in rural areas in Central America to help build create sustainable communities.  Colleges and universities from around the world go to countries to volunteer in Medicine, Public Health, Water, Business, Human Rights, Dental, or Engineering Brigades.

My trip to Nicaragua was a beautiful experience. I am so grateful for the time I spent in the country, the passionate and hard working people  I met, and the wisdom they passed down to me what every single one of them taught me.. We danced in the rain. We ate too many plantains. We played “landa” (Spanish for tag) and sang Suavemente from the tops of our lungs.  I honestly don’t think I will ever be able to fully put into words my experience.


Throughout the trip I did document what I and I wanted to share it with you! Nicaragua is a beautiful country, and you ever have the chance to visit, I HIGHLY recommend going.  


We stayed in the city Matagalpa and I must say, this city knows how to party. Stores played music every night and the streets were constantly flooded with people.  




Kiss Me is a chic ice-cream shop in the city, delicious unique favors from tres-leches, lavender, and peanut butter-banana!

My little cafecito heart was flourishing in Nicaragua. So much great coffee, so little time. I had probably 4 cafecitos a day and I was in heaven. My favorite coffee shop was Seleccion Nicaraguense, it was such a comfortable and homey spot with a beautiful patio. I of course had to take a few bags of coffee home.


Traditional Nicaraguan breakfast; always with a side of coffee.

When visiting the town of Las Curenas, the women gave us a tour of their Ceramica Negra (Black Pottery) business. All their pottery is handmade by the women who live in the community. From mugs and vases, to wind chimes and animal statues, all their poetry was so beautiful. The hard work that the women put into their business was so inspiring.




The nature side of me was so excited when we visited Selva Negra, an eco lodge and cafe right outside of Matalgapla. If you ever visit Nicaragua, I suggest spending the afternoon or even a few days there! We hiked around the property, watched a beautiful sunset and then stayed for treats afterwards.




Lastly, my favorite part of the whole experience was working with Global Brigades, other DePaul students, and all the locals I met. Each of them inspired me to go back home and do MORE, live MORE, laugh MORE, give MORE. It was a humbling experience to work alongside people who just truly cared to better their community.



Until the next cafecito,

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