Trader Joe’s Essentials

Over the week, I posted a poll on my instagram story on which grocery store you liked better, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. The results are in; Trader Joe’s was favored, and that brings me to my post today– My top 10 favorite Trader Joe’s products. TJ’s is basically heaven on earth, and my best friend Katie and I’s ideal hangout spot (no really, we go grocery shopping together all the time). I shop at Trader Joe’s for all my dry foods, spices, meats, and last minute meal options. To be honest, I don’t usually buy my produce at Trader Joe’s, I prefer to buy it at Whole Foods, and I am not the biggest fan of frozen foods. 

Without further adieu, here are my 10 favorite things at Trader Joe’s Top 10 Products:

  1. Clarified Butter (ghee)IMG_3051

    Ghee is an awesome alternative to butter often used in ayurvedic medicine, but that ishhh can get expensive. Trader Joe’s sells this container of clarified butter (similar to ghee, but differs in production) for ONLY $3.99, that’s a steal! I love using this for sauteing vegetables, and in my bulletproof coffee! Clarified butter is so much easier for your digestive system, and perfect if you have a dairy sensitivity.  

  1. Nutritional Yeast


Cheese and I have a love/ hate relationship. I love cheese, but cheese hates me. I think we can all agree that pasta is not complete without a sprinkle (or 3 cups) of cheese on top. Well, my stomach truly disagrees, but then the Trader Joe’s gods blessed me with nutritional yeast and my life was forever changed. And I know you can get nutritional yeast, but have I mentioned the amazing prices at TJs??? It is high in Vitamin B, and has a great cheesy flavor, honestly I think it’s magic.

  1. Seasonings IMG_3047

I don’t have a favorite seasoning to share, but I think Trader Joe’s is the place to buy all your seasonings. They have a wide variety from your basic salts and peppers, to chili lime to everything bagel seasoning all at a reasonable price. My current favorite right now is the everyday seasonings. I love using it on chicken and turkey, it’s packed with flavor, and makes cooking meals so fast and easy.

  1. Organic Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli IMG_3032

Being in college means that I naturally eat pasta 3-4 days a week (eating pesto tortellini as we speak). Eating white pasta wasn’t doing me justice, so I was on the hunt for a pasta alternative. I tried a differnt a version of this before, and it just clumped together and it was no bueno, but I really like the fusilli. I can eat bowls of pasta for days and feel less guilty about it! Top it off with some tomato basil marinara and nutritional yeast, and you got yourself a meal.

  1. Spinach Flour TortillasIMG_3041

I can not say enough about these tortillas. They are so good and fluffy and make a great tortilla for breakfast eggs, and I love using them for personal pizzas.

  1. 8 minute Steel Cut OatmealIMG_3038

I love a good oatmeal, but I hate how long steel cut oatmeal can take. And I can hear your thoughts “Anais, why not try overnight oats?” I have and it didn’t work and I was very upset and hangry, so I’m moving on. This oatmeal cooks so fast and makes breakfast in the morning super simple and delicious.

  1. Well Read California Red WineIMG_3044

Where my wine lovers at?!?!?! I saw someone talk about this wine over Instagram, and after I heard the person said 7$, I was sold. The wine is a California Blend, and is sooo good. So naturally, wine has sulfates, but most wines have added sulfates in it. This wine is organic and cheap and makes my little bougie heart sing. The wine is also 12.5% alcohol by volume, and after one glass I am singing Pony by Ginuwine planning out my the first SoulCycle class I’m going to teach.

  1. Sunflower Seed SpreadIMG_3058

This is for alll my nut spread lovers. Sunflower seed spread changes the game. I like to buy mine unsweetened, so I can’t vouch for the sweetened, but this stuff is so good. It is on the saltier side so it’s a great pairing with a blueberry bagel, or very sweet apples. The best part about it is if you do want it on the sweeter side, you can control how much sugar goes in it.  

  1. Mandarin Orange chicken 

(I ate all of it before I could get a picture…oops)

Okay, I know I said I didn’t like the frozen foods, but I will make an expectation for orange chicken. This chicken is soooo good, omg, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. At my Trader Joe’s it was voted Best Frozen Food, so you know it’s legit. It’s nice for days I don’t want to meal prep and want something quick. I recommend mixing in some rice and sauteed veggies and bam, you have a great meal!

  1. Organic Coconut AminosIMG_3063

This is the newest addition to my kitchen, but I am loving it so far. I was hesitant to buy it, but I used it to cook some peppers and mushrooms, and I loved the taste. It feels like I’m at Benihanas and the chef is making a heartbeat out of of fried rice. It has a very similar taste to soy sauce, and I’m really excited to try new recipes with it.

I know this list is a little different as Trader Joe’s has so many different meals and treats, but this is what works best for me and my meal routine! I cannot live everyday without these essentials  in my kitchen.

What are some of your favorite TJ favorites? What should I pick up next time I’m grocery shopping?

Sending you love + light,

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