New Blog, Who Dis?

IMG_7911.jpgHello friends!

Call TMZ the rumors are true, THE FASHIONISTA IS DEAD. That bishhh had to go…just kidding!! Her love for blogging and writing are still here, but she needed a makeover. Welcome to “Cafecito in Chicago”, my new blog that’s about anything and everything. Lifestyle, fashion, wellness, fitness, college, welcome to all sides of me.
Let’s backtrack, over the past year I have been working on being the best version of myself. To be completely honest, I love who I have become and am still building to be (no shame for self love). Along with my self growth, I’ve been working on my blog and my Instagram platform. I was left feeling like the title “The Fashionista Says” did not truly represent me. I wanted to show more of myself on my blog and incorporate much more than the surface things-fashion and beauty, but dig deeper. I want to use my platform as a way to share all the things I love, and all the lessons I am learning as I go through my 20’s.

So how did Cafecito in Chicago come to be? I wanted my new blog name to be a complete reflection of myself. First Cafecito- which translates to little coffee is basically a shot of Cuban espresso, which I have been drinking since I was probably five, it’s most likely the reason I wanna crawl in a hole when I don’t have a cup of coffee. Drinking cafecito is a popular social activity in the Cuban culture, it’s an invitation to come drink coffee and just chat about life, similar to how I want my blog to be. Growing up in Miami, I have so many vivid memories of my abuela turning on the espresso machines, or as we like to say cafetera, as soon as she thought somebody was going to come over. So just like my abuela invited loved ones with her cafecito, I’d extend an invitation with mine, let’s chat through a metaphoric shot of espresso.

Now the Chicago part, I currently attended university in Chicago, Illinois, and moving to the city has probably been the best decision I have ever made, and I know that this is exactly where I need to be. I know I may not live in Chicago forever, but this city is where the journey of my 20’s started, and only less than 2 years, it already has been a rollercoaster and I cannot wait to see how it continues to shape me over the next few years. So this is my ode to you Chicago.
On my blog, you can still read through all my old blog post, I did not want to get lost through cyberspace, and heck– I worked really hard on them for you to enjoy. I am so excited to continue writing and sharing through this blog. You basically now have the key to my soul, and I barely open up on a first date, so this babe this is commitment. Thank you for everyone who I have talked my ear off about launching this blog, has helped me with pictures, the logo, and everything in between. Thank YOU for reading and sticking around.



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