Radiating Self Love: My Self Care Rountine

I thrive off of being busy, it keeps me from lounging in bed all day, so I get to  feel my best and most productive. I often fill my schedule with sweat seshes, work, CHAARG, coffee dates, and the occasional spontaneous adventure. As you can see I try to spend very little time at home, but there does come a time where I need to be alone and just take care of myself. I feel like we get so caught up in work, friends, family, and school that we forget to take care of the most important person; ourselves. I believe self-care is essential to be the best version of yourself, so I’m here to tell you that it is totally okay to be selfish from time to time. Today, I wanted to share my self-care routine and how I take care of my well being even on the busiest of weeks.


  1. I say NO to all plans

To be honest, this one is hard for me, since I always want to be with friends and live life to the fullest with them, but I have to sallow the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and put myself first. Throughout the day I try to stay away from my phone and any kind of social media like Snapchat so I don’t feel the urge to accept or make plans. Can’t make any plans if you don’t know of any plans.

  1. I Organize My Room

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stressed out because my room was not organized. I am definitely not a neat freak, but not a slob either so every now and then I just reach my mess limit. I’ve read multiple articles that say a clean room can reduce stress, and clear your mind. When you de-clutter your space you are able to de-clutter your mind, be more productive, and overall happier. So, I take my time, blast Kendrick, and start to pick up my room, make the bed, and organize everything. Sometimes, I’ll venture to the kitchen and wash the dishes clean the counters, and if I have enough for a load, I’ll do laundry. I always feel so much better when its done cause not only is my space picked up but I was able to finish something leaving me with a great feeling of accomplishment.



  1. Yoga, Reading, Journaling, Mediating

I like to do one or a few of these things on my away day. Granted, everyday I journal and mediate, but on these particular days I’ll spend more time doing it. I personally like to write in my Five Minute Journal, but on self-care days, I like to free write; write a gratitude list, get in touch with what is and isn’t bringing me joy. Sometimes life is so busy and we are moving a million miles an hour that we forget our mindful practices. Usually my rest is after a few days of intense workouts, so I’ll stretch out my body with some light yoga—or even go to a yoga class.


  1. Pamper

I love “me” days that come with a little R and R. I try to take the extra time to do a face mask, a hair mask, or paint my nails. Anything that makes me feel a little fresher and ready to tackle the end of the week. Lately, I have been loving the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay—omg this stuff sucks everything from your pores. As for a hair mask I’ve been loving the L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Ultra hair mask—if keeps my balayage[what I have left] fresh.


Other products I love:
Lush Cup O’Coffee
Shea Moisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask
TonyMoly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet

I can not express enough how much I think self care is important. Even it’s for an hour or two, once a week, set some time for yourself to recharge and so healthy for your mental health. GIRL, TREAT YO SELF, YOU DESERVE IT!!


What’s do you include in your self care routine? Let’s talk and share our self love!

I love YOU,

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5 thoughts on “Radiating Self Love: My Self Care Rountine

  1. LOVE this, Anais! SO important to take care of ourselves. I am using this article as inspo when I have my next free day – instead of the ol’ Netflix binge : ) Yoga + pamper seshes here I come! Keep inspiring others with your writing! xx

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  2. I like to do a P&P Journal! My Pits and Peaks of the day. Pits: the worst part of the day, and peaks: the best part of the day. It’s a combination of journaling and self-reflection. A lot of the time it’s really nice to see that my “pit” wasn’t even that big of a pit and that makes me feel a whole lot better 🙂

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