Review: Girlfriend Collective Leggings

Hi friends,

I will be the first to admit, I probably spend way too much time on Facebook [I’m working on it, but its really hard when your mom is writing on your wall three times a day and your best friend is tagging you in all the wine memes]. But if your internet browser is anything like mine, you get A LOT of clothing related ads, so I was intrigued when I saw an ad for free, yes FREE, leggings.


I was skeptical at first, I wanted to trust the ad, but I knew if I was going to fill up my inbox with spam or have to pay anything and not received what I wanted, I was going to be very upset at myself. But my boss over at CHAARG told me how she ordered a pair and she was in love. They were her favorite pair of leggings.


Okay, I have to be honest, the leggings are not completely “free.” There was a $20 shipping fee which to most sounds absurd, but I needed to get my hands on these leggings. So roughly ~10 weeks later, I received my leggings.

Oookay, let me slow down and give you some background information. Girlfriend Collective is an eco-friendly brand who makes these clothes out of water bottles. There goal is to try to get less materials into landfills. They ship from Vietnam, and thrive off of being free-trade and only use recycled material. If you want to read more about their mission head to their website!

So about 10 weeks went by and finally my leggings had arrived! I was so excited to wear them, I changed into them the second I got home! The leggings I got were the Black Core Leggings in Medium.


My first impressions were how soft they were; it almost was like I was not wearing pants. They were lightweight and easy to move around in. My concern though was that they were not petit friendly. I am 5’1’’ and so finding pants that fit me at my waist nicely and don’t scrunch on the ankles can be difficult for me to find. These pants are very high on my waist-which I personally like-but do really scrunch on the bottom.


As for sweating in them, I did three of my normal routines workouts in them—SoulCycle, run, and yoga. Soulcycle was the most challenging to workout in because it’s the where I sweat the most. I wasn’t uncomfortably dying, but I did feel stiffer than usual. I ran in these when it was still 40-60 degrees, and the compression of the leggings did help keep me warm and run comfortably. As for yoga, I don’t recommend these for hot yoga but for a non-heated class they are great.  I mostly like to wear my leggings for strength training days, and running errands.


Overall, I LOVE my Girlfriend Collective leggings. They are so worth it, and worth the market price. The classic leggings are now avaible for pre-order!


IMG_3424IMG_3429Till next time girlfriend,

What am I wearing:
Shirt: Spiritual Gangster
Shoes: Nike Trainers

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