21 and Grateful.

Today I am officially 21 years old. To say the least, 20 was rough. It brought anxiety, heartbreak, doubt, but it also brought self-love, friendships, adventure, and opportunity. To kick-off my 21st year on this planet, I wanted to reflect on the 21 things I am most grateful for.

  1. The light that shines through my apartment every morning.
  2. Hometown friends who pick things up right where we left off.
  3. The CHAARG community; from the girls of my own chapter to girls from all over the world.
  4. The smell of my Abuela’s cuban coffee.img_1563
  5. The crazy and adventurous trips I get to experience with my family.
  6. My best friend and our margarita traditions.
  7. My education at a university where I am proud to be a student.
  8. My roommate and her strength to live with me.img_1290
  9. The CHAARG Nationals; thank you so much for always listening to my rants ++believing in me.
  10. My mom’s advice-even when I don’t want to admit that she’s right.
  11. The sun and who shines bright; even on cold winter days.
  12. My part-time job.
  13. My CTA Ventra pass; the start of all my adventures.
  14. The life the city of Chicago has brought to me. img_2871
  15. My connection with my yoga mat.
  16. The one, the only, the 305.
  17. The village that raised me.
  18. The sanity my Passion Planner brings to my week.img_1230
  19. My body and the strength it shows me.
  20. Sunday brunches filled with laughter, coffee, and pancakes.

21. The opportunity to wake up everyday, breathe, create, work, and become the best version of myself.



Cheers to 21.

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