20 Things I learned by 20

Today I officially turn 20 years old, and in celebration I wanted to write the 20 things I have learned in the past 20 years. This is something different but I hope you can relate in anyway.

1. Be kind to everyone you meet, you never know what someone is going through.
2. Just because you are not good at one thing, doesn’t mean you are not good at 100 other things.
3.80% of the things you worry about arnt going to happen. Don’t let your mind control you.
4. YOU are the only person in control of your happiness.
5. Mediation is a great way to relieve anxiety.
6. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes (the law of attraction).
7. If you are not happy with a situation, you can change it at any moment.
8. Highschool is only 4 years of your life, it gets better.
9. Your parents are the parents, and you are kid, sometimes its not your responsibility to fix things for them.
10. BUT, cut them some slack, they are human and they are just trying to give you the best they can.
11. Your real friends will stay your friends no matter what. No excuses.
12. If someone wants to be your friends they will make the effort, no matter how far you live from each other.
13. Everyone thinks in a different way and that’s ok. Open up to new ideas.
14. Cheese is soooo bad for you but soooo good.
15. Call your parents and grandparents, they LOVE to hear about whats going on in your life.
16. Even if someone didn’t verbally apologize, forgive them anyway, you’ll feel
17. It’s ok to ask for help.
18. Be careful what you wish for. It may come true but not have the outcome you expected.
19.Treat yo’ self and live every day like you are Tom Haverford.
20. *cliche alert* you don’t know everything but that’s why you learn and experience life.

The last 20 years has had their ups and downs, but I could not have it any other way. Here’s to the next 20.

Have a good Valentine’s Day!


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