Winter Essentials

I moved to the Windy City in the middle of winter, crazy I know. In that time I’ve quickly learned how to survive the winter. Overall, this winter hasn’t been too bad, but for this Miami girl it’s still VERY cold.

I have gathered some items I think everyone needs to survive the winter. Whether you are living in a cold place or going to a cooler location for the weekend.


Moisturizing is going to be your friend during this very dry season. I normally have very oily skin but my skin has dried up really fast and I’ve even noticed flakiness (gross). Try add moisturizing products in your everyday routine as much as possible. You’ll thank yourself later.

Your hands are equally has important as your face. I tend to keep hand cream with me in my bag and in my book bag. Applying a hand will keep your hands from drying out and feeling like you are half human half reptile. Most people hate getting hand creams and other lotions in subscription boxes, but I think they come in handy over the winter.

Next is lips. Does anyone feel like having dry lips is one of the worst feelings any time of the year? It is super important to exfoliate and moisturize your lips regularly. The cute boy from your English class isn’t going to want to kiss someone with dry flakey lips, am I right? First things first, THROW AWAY YOUR CHAPSTICK.  The short term effect of them is to add moisture to your lips but the long term effect is to dry them out. I recommend  the Vaseline Lip Treatment or any chapstick from Burt’s Bees.

Lastly, a rockin’ lipstick color. What would winter be without a beautiful dark lipstick color? Nothing. I’ve mentioned this product in a favorites post, but my go-to winter color is Divine Wine by Maybelline. It’s such a beautiful deep red burgundy color. It’s perfect for a night out in the city.

Products pictured:
Simple’s Moisturizing Facial Wash
Pond’s Dry Skin Care
Hand and Nail Cream
Vaseline Lip Therapy


Sometimes dressing fashionable and dressing warm don’t exactly correlate, but who said you can’t do both. There are a few pieces in my closet that are a necessity.

First, plush lined leggings. These leggings are a game changer. On the outside they look sheer, but on the inside they are lined with fleece aka heaven. The inside of the leggings are very warm, so you’ll pull of the illusion that you are wearing tights but your legs are actually not freezing. They are perfect enough that if need be I can wear them under my jeans without feeling like I can’t breathe but also great for wearing them under skirts and dresses. I recommend these 10/10.

A beanie and scarfs are essential because heat mostly escapes from your head. I love the scarf pictured above because its long enough for me to style multiple ways. I am able to cover my mouth and ears which is very important when walking home at 3 in the morning and its 3 degrees outside. Beanies are fun to play with because you can get a fun one like the raccoon or one to match your outfit.

If you are anything like me your hands are always cold. I don’t leave the house without my gloves because on top of moisturizing them you want to make sure they are warm and protected.

Products pictured:

Sorry this was a long one, but I hope you got something out of it!
Stay warm,

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