Floral in Fall


Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.-The Devil Wears Prada

One of my all time fashion trends is floral print. I think it’s so girly, flirty, and just pretty. I don’t think it’s a trend that should only be worn in the spring and summer but in all seasons. The floral shorts  are perfect for a “fall” in Miami. They are short and breezy for hot weather but still have a cool tone to them that stick with fashion season. I paired it with a long sleeve crop top for if the weather decided to drop to 70 degrees at night but still light enough to wear and a pair of gold studded sandals. I accessorized with a  blue pendent necklace that brings a pop color but still matches with the cool tones. I wore this outfit to go shopping with a friend and it was so comfortable but I still felt my fall best. This outfit is perfect for any event to happen on a casual night out.

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What is your favorite fashion trend to break?

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